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Engagement opportunities


There is a growing global awareness that public-private partnerships are one of the most effective ways to fight financial crime. The Center's events provide an excellent opportunity for all sectors to meet and discuss anti-money laundering tactics.


Financial crime prevention is a package of practical measures. Public and private sector professionals must constantly update their knowledge and improve their already acquired competencies to be prepared for the fight against financial crime and new threats of money laundering. The Center's training courses are an ideal opportunity to implement this.

Project activities

We invite the public and private sectors to actively participate in the Center's activities. These include joint projects for sharing information, knowledge, and competencies and building relationships based on respect and commitment.


We are well aware of the need to foster cooperation and information sharing to enhance the country's financial security. That’s why we regularly organise conferences to which all market participants are invited to join.

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    2 trillion EUR

    It is estimated that around EUR 2 trillion is laundered by financial fraudsters worldwide every year.